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Daily Archives: May 3, 2006

Lisa J. Huff – Artist for May 2006

I find inspiration from my mountain surroundings above Horsetooth reservoir in Fort Collins Colorado. Taking advantage of my surroundings much of my work is created outdoors weather permitting. Raku pottery and painting are my favorite mediums for expression.

Raku pottery is fired using a small outdoor kiln. Pieces can only be fired when the threat of fire danger is low and the sky is blue. Each piece is hand crafted and bisque fired in an electric kiln. Next each piece is fired using a modern firing kiln that mimics traditional Raku technique to create the metallic and crackly effects recognizable as Raku. I have been playing with Raku firing techniques since high school. Over twenty years later I finally feel like I am beginning to gain control of the technique by realizing and accepting the things I can and can not control. Raku is a process where in the variations and combinations of materials used are not completely predicable. While I can control the general outcome by mixing and applying my favorite glazes and monitoring closely my firing methods, I can not control the direction of the flame from the combustible material used which creates different variations like flame flashings unique to each piece.

4524 Skyline Drive Fort Collins, CO 80526 970.372.3096

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