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Charlie Brown Goes To The Nutcracker

We’ve wanted to do this for a few years, and it’s hard to believe it’s actually happening. CharlieBrownNutcracker

Christmas time is jazz time, if you ask us. At least the jazz of one or two fellows. Vince Guaraldi’s music is music you have heard, even if you didn’t know it. He sat down at his piano and wrote the music for all the Charlie Brown television specials. Music he heard playing in the minds of Chuck and Chuck’s friends.

The Charlie Brown Christmas special is hall of fame material. It’s soundtrack is legend. It’s Christmas music you can listen too all year round, because Guaraldi did what he set out to do and tapped into what kids hear. And when we listen to what kids hear, parts of us wake back up.

There has been an idea floating around this building for some time now: what if we could find a fine group of musicians to perform that music live on the Everyday Joe’s stage? Wouldn’t that be something? This year, some sort of alignment happened in some realm of the cosmos and we found a fine group of musicians. Whats more, a fine group of musicians so excited by the idea that it spurred their thematic creativity.

Back in 1960, Duke Ellington released a big band jazz arrangement of The Nutcracker Suite. It’s quite good, if you haven’t heard it or didn’t even know it existed (like us).The fine group of musicians we came across not only said yes to performing some classic Guaraldi on stage, but they asked the question, “What would Charlie Brown hear when he went to The Nutcracker? Duke Ellington, of course.”

On December 6, our new friends of Ron LeGault Jazz will be performing an evening of jazz titled Charlie Brown Goes To The Nutcracker. Selections from the holiday catalogs of Guaraldi and Ellington, live at Everyday Joe’s. Plus – and this is the best part – it’s a benefit for our dear friends at The Cooper Home.

Tickets for the event are $10 and can be purchased here. Show starts at 7 pm. We’ll see you there and we’ll all leave with smiling hearts.

Featured Artist for September: Lydia Cruz

photo (7)

Lydia is an artist from Loveland, Colorado, currently studying in NYC. Her work spans a lot of genres, but we decided to feature her black and white minimal drawings and a bit of her film photography. They’re all real nice; come and check them out, say hi.

Audio Treat: “Swallow You From View” by Josh Dillard

There’s this fella we know. He has a fine beard, fine style, and a good good heart. He also happens to be a rather well-skilled musician.

Josh Dillard has celebrated the release of each of his albums with a show at Everyday Joe’s. Those shows have left the marks of good memories on these brick walls. Tonight (May 10), Josh will look to make a few more marks as he releases his latest effort – The Bright Light Of Shipwreck. It’s an eclectic 8-song collection that will make you tap your toes, shake your hips, dance closely with your loved ones, and feel your heart.

Ticket for the show are $8 adv / $10 door and are available at the shop or online here. Making the show even better are the acts opening the night up: A Boy & His Kite followed by Lifeboat Etiquette. This is darn near a super show, if you’re into that sort of thing and methinks you are.

Take a listen to “Swallow You From View” – the first single from J. Dillard’s new record – below. You’ll love it, then we’ll see you tonight, and then Josh will tell you that he loves you. And we will too, tho perhaps you already knew that.


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